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About Us

History Krishnanand Seva Ashram Building

According to records at Ministry of Social Security, the main building of the present 'Krishnanand Seva Ashram' was a military barrack during the time when the chateau "Mon Plaisir" was the official residence of the erstwhile Governor of Mauritius.  

It was later converted into a "reformatory for homeless and delinquent children".   

In 1888 an infirmary was founded by the congregation de ‘Filles de Marie’.     

Till the middle of the 20th century, the main stone building of one storey could accommodate about 60 residents.

Two wards of ‘barrack type’ with the capacity of 40 beds each were added.

The Central kitchen and the administrative block which also served as the residential quarters of the sisters were built during the same period.

The servants’ quarters of the French/British period were converted into the linen section and the stables into store rooms.

A chapel was built in 1950s by the Government of Mauritius, there is an inscription stating its completion was in the year 1953.
The team of the Human Service Trust under the guidance and blessing of Swami Krishnanand Saraswati Maharaj ji took over the home from the 'Fille de Marie' and converted the building into a home for elderly people in the year 1983.  The infirmary was named Krishnanand Seva Ashram.

The present compound surrounded by the lush greeneries make the home very pleasant and peaceful place to stay.