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Swami Krishnanand Saraswati

Swami Krishnanand Saraswati,(1900-1992) former judge from India, was the founder of Human Service trust in Mauritius.  
Works of Swami Krishanand in Mauritius.

Swami Krishnanand ventured in the Leadership Training on 15th August 1967with a group of 40 young volunteers. The aim was to train Leaders for every field for the future of the Independent Mauritius.

Till date, thousands of youngsters have been trained and encouraged to persevere in the fields of education, social work, business and politics among others.

H.H Swami ji has spread the work of selfless voluntary service in 72 countries with associations under different names.
H.H.Swami Krishanand Saraswati departed to the Abode of Peace and attained 'Maha Samadhi' in the year 1992 in Mauritius. The ‘Samadhi' is found in the compound of the Human Service Trust at Calebasses.

In remembrance of H.H Swami Krishnanand Saraswati, the Human Service Trust organizes 'Swami Krishnanand Memorial Lecture' every year in the month of August to commemorate His Puniya Tithi (date of Departure). On this occasion, nationally or internationally known eminent personalities are invited to deliver the lecture.

The Human Service Trust always cherish the sweet memories and the Love of H.H Swami Krishanand ji.  

The Three Trustees of ‘Human Service Trust’
Sooroojlall Bissessur, Premchand Boojhawon and  Nirlup Bauhadoor