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Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances. - Mohandas K. Gandhi
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Ayurved Services

The Human Service Trust presently has Mahatma Gandhi Ayurved Hospital situated in the Calebasses- Arsenal Link road from the Motorway near the Krishnanad Seva Ashram. It has three centres:
  1. Rose Belle in the southern part of Mauritius
  2. Paillote, near the town of Quatre Bornes
  3. Goodlands, a very popular tourist village situated in the northern part of the Island
The main services offered from (9am to 4pm) at the hospital and its three centers under the guidance and supervision of qualified 'Vaidyas'(Ayurved Doctors) and masseurs are:
  • Daily consultation
  • Medicine dispensing
  • Massage Therapy
  • Oil massage
  • Steam bath
  • Shirodhara (flow of medicated oil or different liquified substance on the forehead)
  • Nasya (treatment of nasal diseases)
  • Netra Basti (treatment for the eyes)
  • Facial massage
  • Yoga and medication
  • Advice on special request for specific diseases (diet chart, slimming, diabetes, hypertension etc…)
ACTReSA (Ayurveda Centre for Treatment and Rehabilitation of Substance Abusers) treats addicted patients using Ayurvedic System. The treatment and rehabilitation of substance abusers is presently offered at all the centres.

The close relatives and friends of patients are involved in this type of treatment which undertakes counseling and other models of treatment like yoga and meditation.

Other services provided at the centres are to
  • Educate and counsel the substance abusers and their close relatives
  • Build skills to counter relapse
  • Develop self confidence in the patients through yoga and meditation
  • Promote after-care lifestyle by involving patients in occupational therapy and
  • Sensitize public through campaigns in several locations on the effects of drug addiction