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« l’intolérance est une forme de violence et un obstacle au développement d’un véritable esprit démocratique». (M.K. Gandhi)
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The following resolutions were approved during the closing ceremony of the conference held on 28th August 2011 in presence of the Vice-Prime Minister, Minister of Public Infrastructure, Land transport, National Development Unit and Shipping, Hon. Anil Kumar Bachoo.

International Resolutions:

  1. To declare Dhanteras Ceremony as "International Ayurveda Day" (Dhanteras is celebrated two days before Divali festival.
  2. To promote Ayurveda through the Annual gathering of PIO/NRI at Pravasi Bhartiya Divas held in INDIA on every 7-9th of January.
  3. To have a representative for Ayurveda in World Health Organisation.
  4. To create a Global Ayurveda Technical group.
  5. To create an International Research Idea Bank for Ayurveda.
  6. To establish International Multi-centric Research Centre in collaboration with Ministry of Health – INDIA.

National Resolution for Mauritius

  1. To remove the word ‘Pilot’ in the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life regarding Ayurveda and other traditional medicines section.
  2. To establish Ayurved Unit in the Ministry to work out the modalities in establishment for medical officers.
  3. To establish Regulatory body for creating:
  • Ayurveda Medical Council
  • Ayurveda Drug controller
  • Ayurveda medicinal Plant Board
  • Encourage School Leavers to venture in Ayurveda
  • Creation of an Ayurveda Foundation.